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Payne's Cranes

Payne’s Cranes, Inc., with over 43 years experience, works with all the major laminated beam manufacturers, as well as their customers, distributors, sales reps, and other contractors, all over North America. John W. Payne, President and founder of the company, along with Gregg Eldridge the Vice President, are dedicated to providing their customers with solutions developed through their years of experience in glue-lam erection and other crane related problems.

All of the cranes in the Payne’s Cranes inventory are hydraulic, and 69% are all terrain designs. These cranes range in size from 20 ton to 350 ton with boom and jib lengths from 144 feet to 400 feet. All of Payne’s Cranes operators have the necessary licenses to allow them to work in any state and, along with the crews that work with them, have the expertise that makes customers feel confident the job will be done safely and right.

Safety is a primary consideration in everything at Payne’s Cranes. Their Safety Manual is available to customers as are all the Material Safety Data Sheets. As is expected, considering the work they do, fall protection is one area they are particularly careful about. When working at heights over six feet above grade, their crews are always tied off and/or protected by guard rails. When it comes to safety Payne’s Cranes will not cut corners.
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Services include:

  • Licensed, experienced, operators and crews
  • A safe workplace
  • Cranes ranging from 20 ton to 350 ton capacity
  • Diverse Capabilities


Address: 1 Pruyn St, Bainbridge


Phone: 607.967.2001


Open: Mon – Fri, 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.