about_1aPresident: Carol Roberts

Address: 31 South Main St., Bainbridge

Phone: 607.967.5687


Meetings: Third Monday each month at 3 p.m.

We are a very old organization. Our main purpose is to promote patriotism. We support Indian children and have contests through our schools on patriotism and our flag. New members are always swelcome. You must be able to prove you are an ancester to someone who fought in the American Revolution.

We are unique because we only have members directly related to Revolutionary War soldiers (Patriots).



President: Barbara Spalholz

Address: PO Box 151, Bainbridge

Phone: 607.967.8775

Our mission is to help local non-profit organizations with their financial obligations, allowing them to serve our children, our friends and our neighbors.

We meet three to four times a year to raise funds to help the community organizations.
Anyone who is community minded would benefit from becoming involved and would learn about the wonderful people that work behind the scenes to make our community thrive.


President: Ed Ray

Address: P.O. Box 313, Bainbridge


Meetings: Fourth Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m.

As a 501(c) tax free foundation, our mission is to raise funds for projects that will improve the quality of life for Bainbridge residents. Our first project was the construction of the one-mile walking trail at General Clinton Park. We then raised funds to build the performing arts shell also for the park.


about_1aPresident: Paula Gifford

Address: c/o Paula Gifford 12 Front St, Bainbridge

Phone: 607.967.7383


Meetings: January, April, and September

Purpose: to maintain fellowship and cooperation among the churches in the Village of Bainbridge. To work together on meeting the needs of the community – not only religious activities – but any mission work which may arise. Our main ongoing mission project is the Food Pantry – currently located in the Methodist Church. Over 35 years in existence, it provides monthly boxes of food for 50 to 95 households. We sponsor four ecumenical services during the year as well as Vacation Bible School for all area children in the summer. Other needs we are trying to address include finding activities  for the youth of the village and creating a church calendar to publicize special activities and avoid scheduling fund raising events that conflict. The Council is comprised of 2 representatives plus the pastor from the five churches in the village.

How To Join: While anyone is welcome to attend a Council meeting, members are selected from each of the five churches in the Village.


President: David A. DeClue

Address: P.O. Box 70, Bainbridge

Phone: 607.967.8044


Meetings: 7:30 a.m. second Thursday of the month at Bob’s Diner

The Bainbridge Development Corporation is a nonprofit organization. We strive to support existing and new business growth in the Bainbridge area. Our meetings are always open to the public. Our

membership is open to anyone interested in helping us meet our goals.

We are interested in preserving and promoting the quality of life in Bainbrdge by attracting new businessa nd supporting those businesses already in place. We are always seeking to encourage new business ventures in our community. We act as a contact organization for prospective new enterprises.


President: John Rorick

Chief: Kyle Simpkin

Address: 22 West Main St., Bainbridge, NY 13733

Phone: 607.967.3281

Meetings: Department meeting third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m.

It’s a great opportunity to serve the community.


Pastor: Rev. Diarmuid O’Hara

Address: 3 Church St, Bainbridge

Phone: 607.967.8021


Service Times: Sunday-10 a.m. Worship Service; 9:15 a.m. Sunday School

A Church of Presbyterian Church USA. The mission of the First Presbyterian Church of Bainbridge is to serve God’s community and grow in faith as we learn, express and share God’s love in the encouragement and support of children, families and our local schools.


President: Mary Drachier

Address: PO Box 146, Bainbridge

Phone: 607.967.8546 Mary Drachier

607.967.7159 Gary Darling (Historian)


Meetings: First Thursday of every month but December; museum open Sun. 2-4 p.m., April-Nov.

The Bainbridge Historical Society joins together interested persons to collect, document, preserve, display and research artifacts, memorabilia and representations of local history. Our programs are designed to share historical knowledge with the community. We have at least four programs a year open to the public. Our museum contains artifacts found here, built here or used here.

How to Join: Everyone interested in local history and preserving the memories of the past is urged to join the BHS.


President: Jeffrey Anderson

Phone: 607.967.7230


Website: Bainbridge Lions Club on Facebook

Meetings: Second and fourth Monday of each month

The Bainbridge Lions is proud to be a member of one of the largest service organizations in the world and its men and women have been serving the Tri-Town area since 1983. Our main mission is to provide vision care services to individuals in the local communities. In fact most of the monies we raise during the year go towards vision screenings and eye glass purchases. Also, we support the Ski Assist Program, Tri-Town Hospital, Bainbridge Library, annual college scholarship and the Food Pantry.

Community service is also a major part of being a Lion and through the years our members have worked on many projects. Some of the recent projects include construction work at the following locations; Bainbridge Town Pool, The Town Hall Theater, Community Foundation Band Shell. Additionally, we perform the yearly Highway Cleanup on Interstate 88.

We also have fun organizing and running the Halloween Night of Fun, Annual Bainbridge Lions Golf Tournament and working at the Toys for Tots Train.

How to Join: Becoming a member of the Bainbridge Lions Club is easy, just contact any member or use the contact information listed above. If active service and fun sound appealing, the Bainbridge Lions Club is the place for you.

about_1aPresident: Dave Declue

Address: PO Box 70, Bainbridge

Phone: 607.967.8044



Meetings: Every Thursday, noon, at Bob’s Diner

The Rotary Club of Bainbridge is part of Rotary International, a not for profit organization of male and female community leaders interested in working to improve their community and the world at large. There are 33,000 Rotary Clubs around the world with the International Goal of the eradication of Polio. Together with the World Health Organization, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rotary Foundation, there are only two countries in the world where Polio is active.

Members enjoy working together on community projects, supporting activities abroad and spending time with other like-minded individuals. Some local projects include: support of various youth groups, hosting students from other countries, providing materials and funds for Orphan Cry in Russia and Africa, and Flood Relief for local families.

The Mission of Rotary International is to provide service to others, promote integrity, and advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace.

How to Join: If you are interested in making a difference with Rotary, please join one of our weekly meetings at Bob’s Diner or contact the president using the information above.

The Rotary Motto: Service Above Self, One Profits Most Who Serves Best!


Pastor: Gary Kubitz

Address: 27 N. Main St, Bainbridge

Phone: 607.967.2782

Service Times: Sunday-9 a.m. Worship Service; 9:15 a.m. Sunday School

The church has an assisted learning system for those with special hearing needs.


about_1aMaster: Lester B. Stockwell, III

Address: 1 Wayside Lane, Apalachin, NY 13732

Phone: 607.341.2301



Meetings: First and third Wed., April-Nov.

Free Masons comprise the oldest philanthropic fraternal organization for men. It teaches moral lessons and self-knowledge through a progression of degrees. The Free Masons of North America contribute over $2million a day to charitable causes.

The Masonic experience encourages members to become better men. Free masonry is dedicated to the Brotherhood of Man under the fatherhood of God. We sponsor Boy Scout Troop 52, B.S.A. We give scholarships to graduating B-G students.


Service Unit Coordinator: Jessica Chambers

Address: 118 Town Line Rd., Bainbridge

Phone: 607.267.2378


Meetings: Meeting times differ each year and for each level (daisy, brownie, junior, cadets, ambassador)

Our mission is to create leaders in our community and involve the girls in what is going on around them locally and worldwide.  We do many service unit events a year some our for fun and some are for the community.  We take trips to discovery center, farms for fall harvest, bakers maple, etc.  We also have at least three service unit campouts to teach them about the great outdoors and how to be prepared for anything.  Some of our community events are a food drive that we do for the food bank, two community giveaways, egg hunt, haunted house, caroling, princess ball, earth day projects, mayday baskets and they also design and build their own cars for the pinewood derby.

How to join: We try our best to make our girls stronger by teaching them values that make them express themselves, allowing them to experience things they may not get a chance to anywhere else, they build bonds between girls that can last a lifetime and when they realize they are part of a large group of millions of sister  Girl Scouts spread all over the world it makes them feel like they belong to something special.  They are offered opportunities to do great things through their troop, service unit and also the council.


Pastor: Rev. John Koopman

Address: 12 S. Main St, Bainbridge

Phone: 607.967.8034


Service Times: Sunday-10 a.m. Worship; Sunday School-10:15 a.m. Children; 9 a.m. Adults; Bible study at noon on Wed.

The church is part of the American Baptist  Churches of New York State. The Bainbridge First Baptist Church congregation began in 1897, and the present building was completed in 1871.


Pastors: Mike Kauffman and John Gregory

Address: 107 Dingman Hill Road, Bainbridge

Phone: 607.967.9996


Service Times: Sunday-9 a.m. Singing, Bible Study, Children’s Lesson, Main Message; Wednesday-7 p.m. Prayer Metting, except first Wed. of the month

We are a conservative evangelical non-denominational church of about 30 families from diverse backgrounds. We preach an open door to a narrow path. Come worship the King of kings with us!


President: Denise Marshall

Vice President: Nancy Diamond

Address: P.O. Box 62 Bainbridge

Phone: 607.563.2582 (Denise Marshall)

607.967.3186 (Nancy Diamond)



Established in 1976, the Jericho Arts Council is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit, arts organization. It is  based in the Town Hall Theatre in Bainbridge, a century-old building that houses one of the few remaining proscenium theaters in the area, lovingly restored to its original elegance.

Our season runs from September to May each year, and our Town Hall Opry series brings in the very best in bluegrass music. We also present other musical genres in diverse styles, and live theater performances. This season offerings range from country rock to doo-wop.

In addition to the musical and theater performances, we are also fortunate to have an outstanding gallery space adjacent to the theater.  Our gallery committee presents One-Night-Only art shows in conjunction with performances, as well as a Holiday Craft Show, a Fine Art show, and Student Art shows.

How to join: To quote William Bennett, former U.S. Secretary of Education, “The arts are an essential element of education, just like reading, writing, and arithmetic…music, dance, painting, and theater are all keys that unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment.”

As funding cuts slash arts programming in our schools, we hope you will join us in continuing vital arts programming in our community.


President: Cindy Salak and June White

Address: 242 Mt Pleasant Drive, Bainbridge

Phone: Cindy Salak (607) 967-4748 and June White (607) 967-8657

Meetings: Second Monday of each month at Museum

The Garden Club purchases flowers and helps to beautify the Village of Bainbridge, including: flower-filled barrels on the village streets; baskets and Rose of Sharon bushes in the Village Park;

a Memorial Peace Garden; flowers at the roundabout and the museum; and lilac bushes by the Gen. Clinton Park sign.

The group also embellished the signs at the entrance to the village, in cooperation with the Bainbridge Rotary Club. The Garden Club helped build raised garden beds and roofs over the signs, filled them with soil, and planted flowers and shrubs.

Members of the Garden Club also created the Deanna Murray Memorial Garden at the West Main St. sign, purchased banners and hardware for bridge poles, established community gardens, and planted a dogwood tree in the Village Park in memory of Teddy Cherniak. The group also brought the neglected cemetery fountain to the attention of the Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce and assured that it is moved, painted and placed in working order.

Experienced or new gardeners can take part in projects to beautify the village, meet new friends and participate in activities that enhance the skills of those who love to garden.


Fr. Darr Schoenhofen

Address: 32 S. Main St, Bainbridge

Phone: 607.967.4481

Service Times: Saturday-4:30 p.m. Reconciliation; 5:15 p.m. Vigil Mass; Sunday-11 a.m. Sunday Mass

A Parish of The Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse.

about_1aWarden: Pat Hawkins, Sr.

Address: 1 Church St., Bainbridge

Phone: 607.967.3441


Service Times: Sunday Services 8 & 11 a.m.

St. Peters’ is a historic church located in the heart of Bainbridge on the Town Green. St. Peters’ Church is a spiritual home to be proud of.


Commander: Robert T. Fink

Address: c/o Richard J. Rusakiewicz, 86 West Main St, Bainbridge

Phone: 607.563.7158


Meetings: First Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m., at the Town Hall

The American Legion is a Veterans Organization comprised of veterans who served our country during times of conflict. The purpose of the organization is to promote Americanism, uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution, preserve memories and incidents of our associations in the past wars and promote the prinsiples of justice, freedom and democracy. We do this through comradeship and support of members and others. We endeavor to provide community service, sponsor a Boy Scout troop, the Pinewood and Powder Puff derbies and a candidate to Boy’s State. We provide Thanksgiving meals to deserving families and adminsiter the Memorial Day Parade and services in the Village Park following the parade. We place flags and markers on the graves of veterans interred in cemeteries in the Town of Bainbridge.

A person who joins our American Legion Post would find comradeship and a purpose to help others. Our membership card is good for access to any American Legion Post in the United States or foreign countries.

about_1aPresident: Carol Roberts

Address: 31 South Main St., Bainbridge

Phone: 607.341-2301


Meetings: Second Wednesday of the month at 2 p.m.

Socialization and support for the community and schools. Programs vary in different years. We donate books to the library and dictionaries to top students at graduation. We collect items needed by the Oxford Veterans Home. At Christmas, we donate presents to children who may not get much else.

We are always looking for new members. This gets women out of the house to make new friends or visit with old friends, while contributing to the community.