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Welcome to the Bainbridge Business Directory where we have listed all the businesses in Bainbridge. We are pleased that so many businesses are members of the Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce, and we recognize these Chamber members in the directory with entries in bold. Some of the members also have expanded entry profiles – click on the bold entries to link to those profiles, if available. In addition, Facebook and Web links appear as symbols to the right of the business name for all businesses that have them.

Algonkin Motel
2626 State Hwy 7, Bainbridge
Website 607.967.5911
Bainbridge House B & B and Barnyard Sales
1648 County Rd 39, Bainbridge
Facebook Website 607.320.4003
Berry Hill Farm Bed & Breakfast
242 Ward Loomis Rd, Bainbridge
Facebook Website 607.967.8000
Cruise Planners
1569 State Hwy 7, Afton
Facebook Website 607.725.4307
General Clinton Park Camping
State Hwy 7, Bainbridge
Susquehanna Motor Lodge and Riverside RV Campground
1303 County Rd 39, Bainbridge
Tall Pines Campground
2715 County Rd 35, Bainbridge