Another man’s treasure

If the mere thought of finding one-of-a-kind treasures makes you smile with excitement, Bainbridge is the place to satisfy your craving. Poke around the five different antique shops in Bainbridge to see what treasures you find! Bainbridge has been around for over 200 years, and just imagine the early American antiques that are circulating in local buildings and households that may land in these shops!


The newest antique store is Sincerely Abraham which occupies the 1830 Truman House. Owner Lisa Graney invites people to come and experience her unique establishment. Lisa purchased the property in 2013 and opened the shop a short time later. It is now open by appointment.


Take an easy drive to visit all the shops in one swing to do a local antique shopping circuit. Each shop is unique and worth visiting. The Iroquois Antiques and Collectibles is a multi-dealer experience in what used to be the local feed mill along the railroad tracks in town. A large area of the building is filled with dealers, and good buys are spilling out onto the front porch. Another multi-dealer shop is Old Hickory Antiques on the north edge of town. It is an easy-to-navigate single floor building housing a variety of dealers. Nearby and across Route 7, the vintage items at Harmonie Hall Antiques are displayed in a historic carriage house, one building of the several on the estate, including a house that dates to 1800.


Near the center of town, there is some additional antiquing to be done. At Sincerely Abraham, the 1830 Truman House has been filled with antiques that originated at the house, once owned by the village apothecary. Each room in the house is unique and attractively displayed with Truman House antiques, additions from other collections, and contemporary soaps, signs and specialty foods. Main Street Antiques is housed in a vintage early American storefront and includes antiques, art and oddities, and open “by chance or by appointment.”


Click here to go to the Antiquing page for detailed  information about each of the antique stores, including directions, contact information and business hours.


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