Minutes of Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce General Membership Meeting – March 21, 2023

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  • Minutes of Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce General Membership Meeting – March 21, 2023

ATTENDEES: Matthew Adams, Steve Cafasso, Jay Campbell, Dave DeClue, Mary Drachler, Lori McGraw,
Barb Mulkins, Dolores Nabinger, John Payne, Armando Petruccelli, Tim Ryan, Teri Schunk, Chris Smith, Phil

  1. Meeting called to order by Chamber President, John Payne, at 7:36 am.
  2. Secretary’s Report: motion to accept by Barb, second by Phil, carried.
  3. Treasurer’s Report: motion to accept by Dolores, second by Mary, carried.
  4. Jay also reported that 64 membership invoices have been paid out of the 100 that were sent out. It is time to
    start following up on those that have not yet paid.
  5. Phil provided a Village Report. 9 E. Main is being cleaned up. 8 Pearl continues to be a mess. The budget is
    in process and is due in April – if you are interested in providing input, please plan to attend a Village Board
    Meeting – there is a meeting tonight. $10 Million of the NY Forward Grant Program was awarded to
    Johnson City and (2) other communities received smaller amounts. Phil will try again next time. Phil is still
    waiting to hear back on the FEMA grant.
  6. Dolores provided a Town Report. The 6 th homeowner has been approved for the CDBG grant. They are
    working on the town pool which is 66 years old. They will be putting in an outside shower as well as
    completing the maintenance required prior to the pool opening for the season.
  7. Tim Ryan provided a school report. The budget is in process. They received training in vaping last week.
    Snow days have been used up and should they have to take another one, school will then be in session on
    Friday, May 26 th . The prom is early this year – April 29 th . Sickness is way down – there have only been
    about (1) COVID case per week. They are working on the redesign of the athletic complex. Completion is
    still 2 – 3 years out. State approval is needed then the work needs to be put out for bid. Construction is not
    expected to begin until next Summer. After many years, the band consisting of 90 – 100 kids will be once
    again participating in the Sherburne Pageant of Bands.
  8. John advised that they are starting to clear the property for the future solar farm that is next to the school
  9. Dolores spoke about a gentlemen from MA that manufactures a special type of wind turbine. He is
    interested in purchasing the Jenison Plant. He has visited 4 – 5 times and has brought his wife and family
    along as well. He projects that this could create 100 – 150 jobs. Dolores feels that there is a 50/50 chance of
    this happening. The Town has sent a letter to the investors encouraging & supporting this purchase.
  10. Teri spoke about 4TownsForward. They are selling 50/50 tickets. They are also working on the
    4TownsForward Community Yard Sale that will take place Saturday, April 29 th. Contact 4Towns Forward if
    you are having a sale and want to get on the map. So far, Teri 50 – 60 addresses. In addition, tickets are on
    sale for the Music Festival taking place on Saturday, July 1 st at the Sidney Airport. They have sold about
    112 Super VIP tickets which is unexpected – they have decided to limit to 200. General admission tickets
    will go up on April 1 st from $35 to $50. So far, they have received $130,000 in sponsorships, some of which
    will be used to create a nest egg for next year. Additional proceeds will be split equally between Afton,
    Bainbridge, Sidney & Unadilla. There will be beer & cider and lots of food trucks. There will be an event at
    Awestruck next week for anyone who has made a donation toward this event. There will be a fundraiser on
    4/22 at the River Club – Boots & Bow Ties. The next 4Towns Forward Meeting will be next Tuesday at
    Bob’s Diner @ 8:00 am. They will discuss general business starting at 8:00 then will move onto the Music
    Festival at 8:30 am. With any large event, many volunteers will be needed to help make this event
  11. The Cabin Fever bowling tournament made $2,042.
  12. The next Community Center meeting will be held on April 6 th @ 5:30 pm at the Community Center. New
    BOD members will be elected. In addition, when the Center is complete, they want to hire a
    Manager/Promoter to run the Center.
  1. Matt spoke about the American Legion. Meetings will be held on the 1 st Wednesday of
    every month at the Backdoor Bar. Social time is at 5:30 pm with the meeting from 6:00 – 7:00 pm. Post 806
    now has a Facebook page. Their 1 st chicken BBQ will be held on April 8 th , they will have a Pinewood Derby
    including both Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts on April 15 th and another Veteran’s Breakfast on March 25 th and
    again on April 27 th at Bob’s Diner. There will be VA Reps on hand from Binghamton to discuss services
  2. Steve reported that things are going very well at Bainbridge Athletics. He recently added some technology
    to provide analytics to help take athletes to the next level.
  3. Mary wanted to let everyone know that she will be moving to a Senior Center in Fredericksburg, VA at the
    end of April. Best of luck Mary, you will be missed!!
  4. Our next Board of Directors Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 4 th and the next General Membership
    Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 18 th at the back of Bob’s Diner @ 7:30 am.
  5. Motion to adjourn by Barb, second by Phil, carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:31 am.