Bainbridge Council of Churches

about_1aPresident: Paula Gifford

Address: c/o Paula Gifford 12 Front St, Bainbridge

Phone: 607.967.7383


Meetings: January, April, and September

Purpose: to maintain fellowship and cooperation among the churches in the Village of Bainbridge. To work together on meeting the needs of the community – not only religious activities – but any mission work which may arise. Our main ongoing mission project is the Food Pantry – currently located in the Methodist Church. Over 35 years in existence, it provides monthly boxes of food for 50 to 95 households. We sponsor four ecumenical services during the year as well as Vacation Bible School for all area children in the summer. Other needs we are trying to address include finding activities  for the youth of the village and creating a church calendar to publicize special activities and avoid scheduling fund raising events that conflict. The Council is comprised of 2 representatives plus the pastor from the five churches in the village.

How To Join: While anyone is welcome to attend a Council meeting, members are selected from each of the five churches in the Village.