Different Finds Every Time: The Market in the Village Green

The Village Green is active with shoppers and vendors in the open-air market every Saturday morning, Memorial Day until November. On Labor Day Saturday, the park is particularly busy with vendors as the Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce also sponsors Bainbridge Day, with lots of additional vendors and activities on the streets of Main Street.


The Village Green is an attractive setting for the flea market activities in Bainbridge, located at the corner of East and South Main streets, bringing an ever-changing weekly selection of goods for bargain shoppers. This well-landscaped space provides a gathering place for other events as well and a focal point for the town.


The Green is ringed by three white churches (one across the street) and criss-crossed by walking paths. It is reminiscent of a New England village green, something that the early Bainbridge residents, who were transplants from Connecticut and Vermont, desired in their developing town.


This common area was first laid out in 1875 and embellished with trees and shrubbery to establish an ornamental park. The distinctive fountain was added around 1900 along with the soldier’s monument. Other noted features of the park include a classic white gazebo and monuments to the Vietnam War, the Korean War, and World Wars I and II.

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