Minutes of Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce General Membership Meeting – January 17, 2023

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  • Minutes of Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce General Membership Meeting – January 17, 2023

ATTENDEES:  Roger Barnhart, Steve Cafasso, Jay Campbell, Dave DeClue, Steve Eisenburg, Matt Germond, Randy Janinda, Mike Kauffman, Bruce Kellogg, Lori McGraw, Barb Mulkins, Dolores Nabinger, John Payne, Armando Petruccelli, Tim Ryan, Teri Schunk, Chris Smith, Phil Wade, June White

  1. Meeting called to order by Chamber President, John Payne, at 7:33 AM.
  2. Secretary’s Report:  motion to accept by Phil, second by Dolores, carried.
  3. Treasurer’s Report:  motion to accept by Bruce, second by Phil, carried.
  4. Jay also reported that 100 membership invoices went out last week.  Due date is 1/31/23.  JR and others will wait 60 days before they start calling to follow-up.
  5. Phil provided a Village Report. Casey Caratelli has officially retired, and Tom Beames has been promoted to Chief. Phil Cole was also promoted to Sargeant. An officer from Greene will also be utilized for some additional patrol hours. No word yet on the NY Forward Grant Program. This is a $5.5 Million downtown revitalization grant. Phil is hopeful that he may be granted a portion of these funds. Keep your fingers crossed!! Phil is also waiting to hear back on the FEMA grant. The rehabilitation of Well #1 is complete and back online. Finally, work has started on the budget and it should be ready NLT March.
  6. Dolores provided a town report. Tax payments are coming in fast this year. They are deciding what to do next at General Clinton Park which might include work on the septic, an additional dumping station or more camping sites. The Highway Department renovated the bathrooms at the pool. The job was originally sent out for bid and a quote came back for $130,000. The Highway Department was able to do it for $22.000. Lights are being added to the back of the Town Hall for security reasons. Criminal Court takes place 2 days per month, and they are working with the Village to use the metal detector system that they already have. Also, the Bainbridge Community Foundation is looking into adding a couple of holes for frisbee golf at General Clinton Park – they are looking for donations to add. Dolores purchased the refrigerator and stove for the Community Center. Dolores was able to get a good deal on a refrigerator that had a dent in it. The original grant the Rotary received was for $3,000 for a refrigerator but Dolores was able to get both the refrigerator and stove for $3,000. The Rotary is looking into revamping the grant to pay for the refrigerator and stove instead.
  7. Tim Ryan provided a school report. They received a $19,000 Chobani Grant that is being used to develop their FFA program. Sickness is way down – there have only been about (1) COVID case per week. The Capitol Budget passed and Construction for that project will begin 1 year from this Summer.
  8. Teri spoke about 4TownsForward. They are moving forward with the Music Festival – it looks like it might take place on July 1st. They have invited (2) B artists and are waiting to hear back – they should be able to announce the entertainers very soon. They are also starting to work on the 4TownsForward Community Yard Sale that will take place Saturday, April 29th.  Contact 4Towns Forward if you are having a sale and want to get on the map.  Teri also received a letter from the Director of the Bainbridge Library regarding all  the upgrades that have been made to the library with the $3,322 grant that 4Towns Forward helped them to receive. She invited 4Towns Forward and the Bainbridge Chamber to stop in and see all the upgrades. Please stop by when you can.
  9. Teri has put in for the Southern Tier Tuesday grant for $2,000. She will find out soon if they are in the running for the grant. If they get in, we must vote to ensure they receive it.
  10. Phil brought the Home Beautification Project to our attention and thought we might want to consider. Teri thought it might be a good project for 4Towns Forward.
  11. This year’s Cabin Fever Bowling Tournament is Saturday, February 11th. We will be doing a bowling ball raffle again this year – $5.00 a ticket. Ball is currently at Bob’s Diner. In addition, gift certificates or baskets are needed for the Chinese Auction. If you have something to donate, please contact Chris Smith or Barb Mulkins.
  12. June reported that Bainbridge Connects will be going out at the end of the month. If you have an article that you would like included, please let June know ASAP.
  13. Thank you, Bainbridge Fire Department, for picking up and disposing of the Christmas trees this year. It is very much appreciated!
  14. Bruce spoke about Dennie & Carrie Decker who are new members of the Chamber. They have had a firewood business for years.
  15. JR spoke about B Walts who is also a new Chamber member and does car detailing. He’s in the Old Smitty’s car lot.  Also, Erika’s Cakery will be expanding into the space next to B & W. She wants to expand into fudge and have a café area in the new space.
  16. Dave DeClue will be attending the Village Board meeting tonight to discuss a tree that he needs taken down. Apparently, the Village has responsibility in helping residents take down dangerous trees. Also, Dave is starting a new venture with Armando. He will be doing a 6 course “Taste of Italy” menu for 23 people who have signed up in the banquet room at Armando’s delicatessen.
  17. Steve C. reported that things are going very well at Bainbridge Athletics.
  18. Matt is looking for a tenant for his empty space now that the Veteran’s Clinic has moved out. He is looking for a health-related business. Matt has reached out to Sal Testani at Commerce Chenango and plans to reach out to local politicians. Teri also has a contact for Matt.
  19. Steve E. will be doing Music on the Stoop again this year. He will be doing 70-80% of what he has done in the past as he has some other commitments. Musicians have reached out to Steve and are interested in performing.
  20. Barb advised that everyone should go to www.irs@job.com to get a # which will help you to avoid identity theft.
  21. Armando requested that the temperature on the General Clinton sign be fixed. It is currently showing that it is much warmer than it is.
  22. The quote from PAC Sign was presented along with the proposed layout and a sample of the material to be used for the letters for the sign. It is a sign that will last the life of the building. JR made a motion to proceed with this sign, second by Phil, carried. I have contacted Jeff at PAC Sign to let him know we will be moving forward.
  23. Dave provided an update on the Jericho. Insulation is being blown in now so the crew can continue to work, plumbing and windows are being done – things are starting to take shape!
  24. Our next Board of Directors Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 7th and the next General Membership Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 21st at the back of Bob’s Diner @ 7:30 am.
  25. Motion to adjourn by Barb, second by JR, carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:23 am.

Respectfully Submitted: 

Christine Smith, Secretary