Cabin Fever Bowling Tournament

The Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce is proud to be sponsoring the 2021 Cabin Fever Bowling Tournament. The tournament will be held at Galaxy Bowl in Bainbridge on Saturday, February 20. Get your team entered today! Download the Entry form or sponsorship form below.

Where: Galaxy Bowl – Bainbridge, NY
When: Saturday, February 20, 2021 Three Squads – 10:00 am, 12:30 pm & 3:00 pm
Entry: $20.00/Person, 4 Person Team ($80) 1 st Come; 1st Served
Prizes: 1 st – $250, 2nd – $150, 3rd – $100
Raffles: Chinese Auction, 50/50

● No-Tap Format – 9-Pin
● Squads assigned on first come, first served basis
● No entry accepted without full fees
● Check-in time is ½ hour before squad time, if a bowler is not checked in at start of practice (10 minutes before squad time) the tournament directors reserve the right to replace them. Tournament Directors: Lisa Page (967-8818) and Chris Smith (967-3005)
● Re-entries are permitted. Each re-entry team must change one bowler.
● Get your entries in early to ensure your preferred squad time!!
● If no established average with USBC in last 3 years women use 120, men use 150. Average will be based on highest most recent years average.
● Drop off or mail entries to: Galaxy Bowl, 105 N. Main Street, Bainbridge, NY 13733