March 2021 General Meeting Minutes

Attendees:   Jay Campbell, Dave DeClue, Mary Drachler, Corine James, John Payne, Tim Ryan, Teri Schunk, Chris Smith, Phil Wade

  1. Meeting called to order by Chamber President, John Payne, at 7:40 AM.
  2. Secretary’s Report:  None provided.
  3. Jay provided a treasurer’s report – Motion to accept by Mary, second by Phil, carried.  Jay also reported that 87 membership renewal invoices have been sent out and 53 have been paid so far leaving 34 outstanding.  In addition, 10 members have taken advantage of the annual advertising offer for Bainbridge Connects. 
  4. No Town Report 
  5. Phil provided a Village report.  Working on a grant through Bridge NY.  It is also budget season.
  6. Corine James attended to discuss re-opening the Open-Air Market this year.  John will file a permit today with the Village prior to tonight’s board meeting.  Corine will work on a plan to be filed with the county.  The plan to include signs for entry and exits, arrows for flow through the park, contact tracing sign-up, hand sanitizing stations as well as providing vendors with hand sanitizers for their booths each week.  Each both will be 10’ x 10 with 8’ separating each booth.  Masks and social distancing required.  I will check with Kathy Lent to see if they have porta potties with vaporized sanitizing.  John also spoke to the Town to see if they would be receptive to having the market at General Clinton Park in case we are unable to hold it in the Village Park.
  7. John Harmon was not in attendance to provide an update on the Canoe Regatta.  Last update, John was waiting to hear back from Brookwood Point to see if they will allow the start of the races there on Monday.  Phil offered to touch base with the Cooperstown Mayor.
  8. Mr. Ryan provided an update.  Kindergarten, 2nd Grade and Seniors will be returning to school 4 days per week.  Also, social distancing is being reduced to under 6’.  There will be Summer School for grades K – 8 this year to help kids catch up that may have fallen behind.  Prom has been approved by the Board and will be May 1st at the River Club.  The prom will be a Junior/Senior Prom since the Seniors were unable to have a prom last year.  Sports are going well – no COVID cases to date.  Soccer, volleyball, and football are taking place now with Spring sports to follow.  Finally, it is budget season.  This year’s tax cap is 1.23%.
  9. We also discussed the Memorial Day Parade.  John will put in a permit for the parade in case the American Legion does not want to do it this year.  This will get the process started.  
  10. John/Teri provided an update on 4TownsForward.  4TownsForward represents Afton, Bainbridge, Sidney and Unadilla – it is believed that there is strength in #’s.  They are currently in the process of setting this organization up as a Not for Profit allowing the organization to pursue grant opportunities.  Clarissa Walrath who currently works with John Redente and the Village of Sidney on grant writing has provided a proposal for her to do grants.  The cost is $2,400 annually/$200 a month.  John advised that the Town Board has already committed to donating $1,200 toward the annual fee.  Teri advised that the 1st grant they are pursuing is for Libraries.  The grant is for $500 – $2,500 and the deadline is 3/24.
  11. The next Bainbridge Connects will be going out April 1st.  
  12. John spoke about the Bainbridge Development Corporation.  Dave DeClue has been working on the paperwork to dissolve the BDC as it will be rolling up under the Chamber.  The assets of the BDC have already been transferred to the Chamber.  Dave advised that this will be completed very soon.
  13. Matt was not in attendance to provide an update on the Community Center.  When we last met, Matt did advise that everything would start to move forward again as the weather warms up.  John Harmon’s Company will be donating materials and labor to finish off part of the inside, the gravel that was donated by Clarks will be delivered for the parking lot and Flemings will be donating the landscaping for around the building.  
  14. Motion to adjourn by Dave second by Chris, carried.  Meeting adjourned at 8:41 am.

Our next general membership meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 20th at the back of Bob’s Diner @ 7:30 am.

Respectfully Submitted:

Christine Smith, Secretary