Minutes of Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce General Membership Meeting – September 21,

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ATTENDEES: Roger Barnhart, Jr Bogert, Dave DeClue, Mary Drachler, Matt Germond, Bruce Kellogg, Barb Mulkins,
Dolores Nabinger, Rich Paul, John Payne, Armando Petruccelli, Tim Ryan, Teri Schunk, Chris Smith, Tina Townsend, Phil
Wade, Mark Young

  1. Meeting called to order by Chamber President, John Payne, at 7:31 AM.
  2. Secretary’s Report: motion to accept by Barb, second by Bruce, carried.
  3. Treasurer’s Report: No treasurer’s report, Jay is out of town. The profit from the golf tournament held August 8 th is
    $3,200 and the profit from the gun raffle is $3,361.84.
  4. Phil provided a Village Report. Sidewalks are being worked on. The sidewalks near the fountain in the park need to
    be maintained. Trees are being trimmed. Phil continues to investigate various grant opportunities. The $66,000
    received from the Arbour Funds will be put toward water related projects. They are still waiting on a replacement
    truck that is on order. The construction project being done by the state is supposed to be complete by November.
  5. Dolores provided a Town Report. They are currently working on the budget which is proving to be a challenge this
    year. They have received $97,000 in recovery funds which they are looking to use at General Clinton Park and at the
    pool. They will be reviewing the General Clinton Park policies/contracts. Some events try to close off the walking
    path during their events, but the feeling is the walking path at the park should be open to the Community during all
    events. There are (6) seasonal campers this year – cost is $1,100 and covers from May until they are ready to move
    out in the Fall. They plan to limit the # of seasonal campers to (12). Town Offices are adhering to the Counties
    suggestion to wear masks when in the Town Hall.
  6. The Great American will go up for auction on Friday, October 22 nd @ 3:00 pm – for more information –
    http://manasseauctions.com/details/CCRPAuction.htm. If you plan to make a bid, you must register prior to the
  7. John spoke about the Community Center which has sat still now for a few months without any progress.
    Unfortunately, it has been difficult to get volunteers as those with the skills to help are very busy right now. John
    Harmon will be bringing a crew to do the framing on Saturday, September 25 th @ 7:00 am. Terri Schunk will attend
    our November BOD meeting to discuss Sidney’s Capital Campaign to obtain continual funding for their Community
    Center enabling them to keep their doors open. Rich will have Clarissa investigate the Lowe’s Heroes Program.
  8. Tina Townsend is coordinating the 4Towns Forward Small Business Saturday for Bainbridge on Saturday, November
    27 th from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. She is currently looking for vendor spacing. So far, Chris Brown has agreed to let us
    use the Auction Gallery and we are able to use the back of the Town Hall. More locations are needed, however, to
    accommodate all vendors. Terri Schunk is the contact for Sidney. It is important that fees, etc. be consistent among
    all towns.
  9. June advised that Bainbridge Connects will be going out in early November. It will not be a Christmas Edition this
    year as there are not enough events going on.
  10. The Chamber will once again be providing Christmas trees to all the businesses on Main Street that want one. June
    will be creating a map for location of all trees. Trees will be distributed the weekend of 11/20 and will be expected
    to be decorated and lighted by the weekend of 11/27. Trees will remain decorated and lit through January 6 th . June
    is asking all businesses to donate an ornament for the Chamber tree. All businesses will be recognized on the tree.
  11. This year’s Christmas Parade will be Saturday, December 11 th . We are not sure if we will be able to do Christmas
    Caroling this year which is normally the day after the parade. Updates on that as we know more.
  12. The PA System was discussed as the wiring continues to be an issue. We would like to have it properly wired so that
    it does not continue to be an issue going forward. Dolores/JR will talk to the Lion’s Club to see if they would be
    interested in helping us out with this project.
  13. JR spoke about the laundry mat building that he recently purchased. They will be installing new lighting and a fresh
    coat of paint. In addition, they will be providing Wi-Fi and a couple of tv’s and new flooring within the next 6
    months to a year. JR advised that Erica’s Cakery will be moving into the office space that was formally occupied by
    the Insurance Company.
  14. Mr. Ryan provided an update on BGCSD. They are in their 3 rd week of school, and everything is going well so far.
    Mandatory testing begins this week. There are 35 out of the 180 staff that are unvaccinated. A clinic was held for
    student vaccination and (50) students came through to get vaccinated. They hope to hold another clinic, however, doses are not available currently. 20 staff will be attending the Chamber Dinner. The BGTA will be holding a craft show on December 3 rd .
  1. Tina & Armondo spoke about 64 N. Main Street. The entire building now houses Seven Stones, but Armondo is
    looking for Artisans for the 8’ x 18’ sheds on-site with more still to be added. There is no cost to artisans until the
    end of this year. Larry Easton is on site to do vehicle detailing and he is also a wood carver. Chamber Members
    receive a 50% discount on detailing. Armonda also wanted to make sure organizations know that the car wash is
    open and available for fund raisers.
  2. Next year’s Chamber Bowling Tournament will be held on Saturday, February 19 th .
  3. Terri spoke about Halfway to Hooley – Saturday, September 25th (Rain or Shine). They are still looking for parade
    participants. If interested, contact Terri.

 Join us for a full day of food & fun for the entire family!!
 11:00 am – 4:00 pm – Vendor Marketplace
 11:00 am – Sidney Memorial Library
 Children’s Book Reading & Crafts
 12:00 – 2:00 pm – For the Kids
 A Balloon Affair
 Face Painting
 12:00 – 3:00 pm – Hospitality Tent
 Awestruck, Muddy River & More
 2:00 pm – Main Street
 1/2 Way to St. Patrick’s Day Parade
 3:00 pm Until Gone – Community Cultural Center
 Corned Beef & Cabbage

  1. Terri also advised that their annual dinner is this Thursday, and the dinner is sold out.
  2. Rich advised that Commerce Chenango will be holding an after hours (5:05) at Forged Brewery on Wednesday,
    October 27 th from 5:00 – 7:00 pm.
  3. Rich also advised that the 4Towns Forward Brochure is in the works. He is working with Wiley Vincent at Premiere
    Ad in Sidney.
  4. Motion to adjourn by Chris second by Roger, carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:31 am.
    Our next Board of Directors Meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 2 nd and the next General Membership
    Meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 19 th at the back of Bob’s Diner @ 7:30 am.